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Buda Open Workshop

We are happy to announce that a workshop will be organized on 1 May 2017, Monday.


11.00-13.30 Standard lectures: Giedrius Januskevicius, Robert Wota, Valdis Skutans

  • Giedrius Januskevicius: Partnership - a key to easy and balanced dancing
  • Robert Wota: Create and control the speed in swing dances
  • Valdis Skutans: No feet, no fly

15.00-17.30 Latin lectures: Barbara Ambroz, Fred Mosa, Kristina Horvatova

  • Barbara Ambroz: Authenticity
  • Fred Mosa: Rhythm in Rumba
  • Kristina Horvatova: Non-verbal communication

Group lessons for 25 EUR/person/discipline or 40 EUR/person/workshop

All lectures are open to dancers, trainers and adjudicators.

Private lessons:

There will be opportunities to purchase private lessons from the next dance teachers (45 minute sessions)

Standard dances

  • Giedrius Januskevicius
  • Robert Wota
  • Valdis Skutans
  • Judit Sándor
  • Zoltán Sándor

Latin dances

  • Barbara Ambroz
  • Fred Mosa
  • Kristina Horvatova
  • Beatrix Lajtai
  • Péter Németh


DanceStation DanceSport Association
1087 Budapest, 9-12 Asztalos S. street

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