Buda Open
April 28. - May 1.
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Entry fees / per couple / per program

WDSF Open Ten Dance, Senior I, II, III, Youth, BOC Rising Stars 35 EUR
BOC Junior I, WDSF Junior II 25 EUR
Class E, D, C Junior I, Junior II, Youth, Adult 3000 HUF/10 EUR first competition
1000 HUF/4 EUR any additional entry

Deadline for registration:

The deadline for the online registration is 23 April 2018. Online registration system will be closed that day.
After 23 April 2018 entries will only be taken by phone or on-site. Entries will be accepted only if the entry will not add an additional round. After the deadline you will have to pay 120 % of the entry fee. This applies also for the on-site registration, in the venue. To save money, register before the deadline!

For registration to WDSF and BOC competitions please go to the WDSF registration page. No WDSF card is required to register to BOC competitions (Rising Stars, Junior I)!

For registration to basic competitions please go to the KSIS registration page. On the right side select English language. Click on Login, and register. Scroll down to the event (events are in chronological order), click on the Online entry button, and register.

Note: WDSF and basic competitions can be found separately, in two separate events.
In case of any problem, please contact us

Cancellation policy:
Cancellations are accepted by the registration deadline.
Competitors who cancel by the registration deadline, will receive a 70 % refund of their entry fees. After registration deadline no refunds will be considered.